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Discovering the Dolomites - Excursions with the alpine guide Filippo Beccari

Start a new adventure with our private guide Filippo and discover magical places and endless valleys in the UNESCO World Heritage Site

The mountain guide has a profound and thorough knowledge of the environment, including all the activities and norms dealing with mountain safety. It is for this very reason that our hotel together with the collaboration of Fillipo Beccari, famous Alpinist of the zone, proposes a guided excursions, both in summer and in winter.
Filippo is an expert guide able to advise and accompany you on an excursion, in the belayed passes, on steep climbs, ski mountaineering, in order to help you enjoy and learn about the splendour of the mountains. He is able to satisfy the most demanding and expert mountain lovers, beginners, families who want to learn and to know the mountains, or maybe just to have a leisurely walk along our foot paths, or perhaps an excursion on snow-shoes in the midst of the woods in order to see magic places covered with fresh, white snow.
Thanks to this wonderful experience, this excursion is an ideal moment to get closer to nature in a correct and responsible manner, also to respect and appreciate our beautiful nature.

For information dealing with price and booking please contact the hotel directly or call Filippo Beccari, telephone number: +39 335 7076488.